The True Perspective difference is:

1. There is never a book purchase requirement.

2. Our authors get an unprecedented 50% off their books.

3. Worldwide distribution in stores and online

4. We teach the art of branding and strategic planning.

True Perspective Publishing


I have had 5 books published and Sean Cort / True Perspective Publishing did my last one, The Adventures of an Alaskan Game Warden. The cost was 1/3 of what the other books cost and the publishing time was 3 times faster. Sean adds a personal touch to his services which means a lot in this super- automated era. Any future books of mine will definitely be published by Sean Cort!
--- Dr. Al Huba, author of  "The Adventures of an Alaskan Game Warden 

"There are a multitude of publishers vying for business but what sets True Perspective Publishing House apart from others is the desire to work with the author in order to produce a product that the author is proud of.  Dependable, compassionate, serving and professional are the words that come to mind when I think of True Perspective Publishing House."
---  Dr. Maria B. Osso, author of "Superficial Society" and "Synthesis."


"I am a newly True Perspective published author. I knew I had something to say but needed help getting the words to the people. i am blessed beyond words that I was led to Sean Cort and True Perspective Publishing. I had been turned down by a publishing house too worried about "pushing" units than partnering in my vision. When I talked to Sean Cort the first thing I felt was safe. I did not feel rushed. He answered all my questions--even when I repeated them several times. I never felt like he was selling "up" his services. What I really appreciated is that Sean Cort celebrated my vision and took it to another level. He encouraged good ideas and discourage some of my hasty uninformed decisions that would take me from my goal. I have recommended True Perspective Publishing to serious authors looking to get the word out."  ---   Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt, author of "Mentoring from the Inside Out."



"I've learned by my treatment from previous publishers that their bottom line is their primary agenda; even if they attest to be Christian. True Perspective Publishing House places the author and their vision as priority one. I actually had access to the president of the company throughout my publishing process.  Their professionalism, integrity and uncompromised excellence made me feel as though I was already a Bestselling Author. Their experience and willingness to share information and teach the author the "in and outs" of the industry places them head and shoulders above the publishers who have been around the longest. True perspective Publishing has my back and my trust." --- Graceann Rivera, author of "The Pearl" and "Living Above Chronic Illness."




There are fewer personal accomplishments that are more fulfilling than being a published Author. The True Perspective Publishing House wants to earn the opportunity of sharing this life changing experience with you. We offer a wide array of services and personalized guidance that will serve as a valuable companion for the first time author in the intimidating world of the publishing industry.

We are blessed to have a wonderfully diverse team of graphic artists, writers and marketing strategists who are gifted as visionaries in their respective professions. Every member and contributor to the True Perspective Publishing team considers their skill a part of their calling in life; therefore you will be assured the uncompromised attention to every detail of your publishing experience. This is not a statement that many Publishers claim.

As a fellow author, my first publishing experience was marred with anxiety and frustration. What should have been a wonderful and exciting experience quickly became a discouraging endeavor; one that I vowed to work my best to prevent from happening to any aspiring author again. My goal is to treat each author's written project as though it belonged to a member of my own family.

Regardless of which platform you select, we educate you on how to navigate the media and the new social networking industries so that you as the author are not left alone with a book and no plan of marketing and distributing it.  Once we publish you, our pricing platforms are created with the success of your book in mind not our profit margin. We have designed our pricing platforms and fees for our add on services to give our authors the best value for their hard earned dollar. Due to the extensive and eclectic background of our team and contributors, we are able to offer services that many other self and traditional publishing houses don't offer.

Knowledge is Power, so please make sure you do your research on the topic of self-publishing so that you can make the very best informed decision concerning this important stage of your life. If you are already an author, you know that your choice of a publisher will yield you a beneficial partnership for a long time. Thank you for visiting us and we wish you God's very best in your transition through this exciting time.

Warmest Regards,