Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for MS Word documents ONLY:

Any variation from these guidelines may cause a delay. You may even have to resubmit your manuscript, images, and other pertinent files, which will incur a significant  fee. Please keep in mind that you will be submitting your final manuscript (and other pertinent files) via Author Center.

Text Guidelines:

  1. We do not accept WordPerfect files. Do not save your WordPerfect file as an MS Word document. Once we attempt to convert it in our typesetting program it will convert as symbols. Type out (no copy and pasting from WordPerfect) your whole manuscript in MS Word.
  2. We can only publish books that do not exceed 840 finished pages and are no less than 18
  3. finished pages. Your finished book will have a spine if it has a minimum of 80 finished pages; otherwise it will not have a spine.
  4. Submit your complete and FINAL manuscript in MS Word only (NOTE:
  5. WordPad is not the same as MS Word-please do not use).
  6. Your book will be single-spaced and set at 12-pt and font type will be TIMES type unless you inform us prior to typeset. Your text, the body of your manuscript, will be full justification. If you desire a font other than Times for body copy, you can choose one of the following font options:


(This applies to the body of your manuscript, copyright page, title page and acknowledgment page)

  • Arial
  • Book Antiqua
  • Bookman Old Style
  • Calibri
  • Cambria
  • Courier
  • Garamond
  • Times

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Text styles that can be used:

  1. Bold
  2. Italic
  3. Bold Italic
  4. Underscore
  5. You have the option to choose from the following point sizes and spacing from the list below. Remember if you do not choose your point size/spacing we will proceed to typeset single-spaced and set it at 12-pt. type. Point Size: 10pt - 16pt Spacing: Single 1.5 or Double

    *Any notes for the typesetter must be placed in the comments field in Author Center when submitting*

  6. Submit all front matter (title page, copyright page, table of contents, introduction, dedication, acknowledgments, endorsements etc., if applicable) and chapters in ONE Word document. Please make sure content is in the order you wish for it to appear in book.
  7. Include title page as your first page with complete title, subtitle (if applicable), and author name exactly as you wish for it to appear on book cover.
  8. Include the copyright page as the second page in your manuscript. We will create this page for you, but we need the Bible information in order to create it. For the following two bibles which are public domain, we only need the Bible version listed:

    The King James Bible

    American Standard Version of the Bible

    All other versions are not public domain and we need the Bible version, Bible Copyright Date and Bible Publisher.

    Indicate on the copyright page which version(s) of the Bible you will use by inserting this paragraph on the copyright page:

    Unless otherwise indicated, Bible quotations are taken from _______(version{s}) of the Bible. Copyright (c) ___(year) by _____(publisher).

    If you DO NOT have Bible quotations, please insert the following statement: No Bible information required.

    *We will add additional pertinent and necessary verbiage to the copyright page*
  9. If submitting endorsements for interior or cover of book, they need to be submitted along with original submission.
  10. Clearly label each chapter and/or section in your manuscript. You must use page breaks to designate where you would like the next chapter to begin.
  11. If using bullets, use the standard MS Word bullets only.
  12. If you have an index, wait to submit it after you receive your final typeset text file.
  13. Your manuscript must not contain any automatic (hyperlinked) references, and your references must appear as endnotes (not footnotes) **Do not use any auto functions in ms word. They will not convert properly**

    Any automatic reference citations must be removed and manually typed in. Our formatting software will not recognize any text created through MSWord's auto-format functions (i.e. table of contents, endnotes, etc.).

    To manually type in your reference numbers, type in the number after the sentence/ quote you're referencing, highlight it, right-click on your mouse, select "font," then select "superscript." This will format your number correctly. Then at the end of your manuscript you should add a page titled "Endnotes," and there you can type in the reference for your sentence/quote.

  14. To create long dashes ( em dashes), use two hyphens, or the em function in word.
  15. When using Hebrew and/or Greek characters in your Word document, use specific Hebrew and Greek fonts and not MS Word's special characters.


  • Do not include page numbers on your TOC (table of contents) or on actual pages. Our typesetters will add these in during formatting.
  • Do not add headers or footers to your manuscript. Your book's title (title only) will be placed in the header by our typesetters.
  • Do not use the Enter/Return key at the end of each line (as you would on a typewriter; this is a HARD RETURN). Let the text automatically flow from one line to the other.
  • Only put in a return at the end of each paragraph.
  • Do not use the space bar or tab key to align or indent your text. Any indent you want reparation Guidelines in your text should be done with the margin controller. Use the tab key only to indent the first line of each paragraph.
  • Do not manually insert hyphens to indicate where a word should break at the ends of lines. Our formatting includes first line of paragraph indents. This is industry standard.
  • Do not alter your documents PAGE setup. We will do this once we are ready to format your book Please leave the paper size set to letter and all margins set to normal. This does not include indentations of specific paragraphs (for example quotes).
  • Graphic Guidelines:

    1. We have a 50-graphic limit in our books. Ellaborate charts and graphs are not included in the First-Time Storyteller Publishing Package. If you have charts and graphs please request a price quote to include these.
    2. You can submit graphics in color; however graphics will be printed in gray scale. A graphic is any picture, icon, design element, graph, chart, table, text box, pull-out quote, border, etc. Anything other than straight text is considered a graphic.
    3. Graphics should be submitted in files separate from your manuscript file. See EXCEPTIONS to this rule below. Graphics should be scanned at 100% of size and 300 dpi then saved as a TIFF or JPEG file. We do not do bleeds for graphics in the interior. If you provide images at a resolution lower than 300 dpi, it will affect the quality of the printed image in your book.
    4. Graphics files should be named according to the order in which they will appear in your manuscript, not named by content. For example, if Graphic #1 in your book is "Baby Picture of Nanny," the file should be named "01," not "Baby Picture of Nanny". In your manuscript, indicate where a graphic is to appear in the text with a bracketed, boldface note. For example, **[ GRAPHIC #1]**. Please number graphics in sequential order, according to the same bracketed, boldface placement notations you indicated in your manuscript. There is ONE exception to this rule. See Tables/Charts section below.
    5. If you have captions with your graphics, include the captions inside the book along where the insertion instructions are.
    6. You may submit the actual images to be scanned, or you may scan the as an attachment to your representative, or send it via regular mail on a CD-ROM or flash drive.
    7. We cannot guarantee your images will appear as you might expect-particularly photographic images. If you are providing graphics that are older, blurry, fuzzy, too dark, or too light, then please note that when they are printed in your book, they may not always reproduce well. There may also be some variance between print runs.

**Tables/Charts/Textboxes **

Exception to Graphic Guidelines:

Please submit tables and charts in your manuscript's original MS Word document. These are the only kinds of graphics that should be submitted within the Word document. This ensures a higher quality result in the final printed book. If you have text in your graphic, use a point size of 11pt - 16pt in your tables/charts/textboxes-nothing smaller. Once again, the First-Time Storyteller Package does not include charts and tables. Please request a price quote for this additional service.

**Please be advised that True Perspective Publishing reserves the right to determine final placement of all photos depending on the trim size you have chosen for your book**

Back Cover Copy Guidelines:

Do not include your back cover text (summary and/or author's biography) inside your manuscript unless you want it to be included inside your book. Submit it in an MS Word document with your submission. Your FINAL Back Cover Copy may not exceed 300 words. If you decide to use an author photo for the back cover, please submit it at 100% of size and 300 dpi and save it as a TIFF or JPEG file.

Additional Typesetting Information:

True Perspective Publishing reserves the right to determine the manner and style in which the Work will be formatted and typeset, using styles that are consistent with popular trade books. The Author acknowledges that True Perspective Publishing does not guarantee it will perform any special or unusual formatting requests.

The remaining chapters fall consecutively on either right hand or left hand pages. Sections begin on right hand pages and the first chapter after each section begins on a right hand page. The rest of the chapters within the section fall consecutively. If right hand chapter pages are desired, this must be expressed to True Perspective Publishing then the manuscript is submitted. Our formatting includes first line of paragraph indents.This is industry standard. Due to the nature of our typesetting, blank pages will be added as deemed necessary by standards. The final page count will be divisible by two, so there may be a couple of blank pages in the back of the book to meet page count. The last page of your text file will be a blank page so that we can add required printer information and the ISBN number.

If you have any questions, please contact your representative at 352-404-9383.

They can help answer questions regarding these guidelines.