ISBN number

This is your book's personal International Standard Book Number that identifies your book to the book industry.

Professionally produced cover and interior text

Your book cover will receive the option of three full color or black and white templates that will include your title, a subtitle, marketing copy and your name. Your text will also have three typeset templates to choose from.

Paperback edition

Perfect bound four color gloss cover laminate in white or creme colored 50 or 55lb paper.

U.S. Copyright

True Perspective Publishing will fill out all the paperwork necessary to register your published title with the U.S. Copyright office in Washington, D.C. After approximately a year after your book has been published you will generally receive a certificate of registration.

Search Engine Optimization/Book Search

Through the use of key words and sentence phraseology we will position your book title and description in a way that is easily picked up by web searches in that category.
Included Book Store Page

All True Perspective Publishing titles are posted on and Barnes & to increase your book's visibility for sale.

Complimentary copy

You will be issued a free copy of your book

Online Catalogue Listing

All True Perspective published titles are listed in our on line book catalogue for review and purchase.

Author Photo/Bio on back cover text

Feature you photo and bio for readers to preview.

Author and Book Web page

Your book will be added as part of our online bookstore. You can use your book's URL to post to your website as part of your marketing campaign.

Worldwide distribution

Your book will be distributed by one of the largest book distribution networks in the world.

Hardcover edition

Hardback books are bound in 50 lb. crème-white end leaves that match the color of the book block and glued into hardback cases.

Marketing Specialist

A True Perspective Media specialist will be available upon completion of your book project to help you devise a marketing plan for your book.

Google Book Review

The power of the internet is at your advantage. Through this service, a brief description of your book will be viewed on Google's book review.

Your choice of trim sizes

Choose from one of the largest selections in the industry.

CD Copy of your book

An electronic copy of your entire book will be copied onto CD for your archival purposes.

Electronic copy of your book

The final print ready copy of your book will be sent to you via e-mail.

Custom cover

Your book's front and back cover will be a one of a kind design created to your specification under the guidance of one of our graphic artists.

Life time book store returnability

This service makes your book more attractive to book sellers without any risk. If your book does not sell then they can return your book for a full refund.

Pre-Publishing Publicity

Start the buzz about your published work into the marketplace before it's even available. You can even take pre-orders in anticipation of your book's arrival date.

Press Release Campaign

This highly effective method of publicity will notify up to 500 Mainstream media outlets of your book's arrival into the market. This will aid in getting your book additional media exposure.

Public Relations/News Wire

Share the news of your published work with potentially over 8,000 News and publicity outlets across the country via web placement on PR.Web.

Mediagenic Consult

We will furnish you with a personal consult of up to one hour with a media professional on how to prepare and make a spectacular impression for your big radio or television interview to discuss your published book.

Custom Created Social Networking platform.

Setup and load Author and book content for....
  • Facebook Fanpage
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
Including profile pictures, bio's, Book(s) imformation, cross linking between all sites and social networks.

Fully custom created website

  • 1 year domain registration
  • 1 year hosting
  • Choose from 5 custom created designs
  • Social network links
  • Submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Google profile setup
  • We load your photos and content for you

Book signing kit package

To enhance your book signing we offer a package that includes: 250 bookmarks, 250 postcards, 25 posters, 5 book displays.

Book trailer w/Voice Over

An audio promo of your book will be created with a professional voice over personality.

Full SEO (Search Engine Optimization) treatment on websites offered above

  • Search engine submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN)
  • Dynamic sitemap that grows as content grows (including new blog posts)
  • Connect blog section of websites to Facebook business pages and Twitter
  • Create new Facebook and Twitter if none exist.
  • Match Twitter page style to new website
  • Announce new website to up to 500 provided email addresses (single announcement)

Rush Service

This service delivers your book within 45 days of your submitted and finalized manuscript as described in our submissions checklist.
$40.00 per hour

Proofing Services

Our copy editors also can eliminate the typos and grammatical errors that may distract the reader.
$45.00 per hour

Copy Editing

This service helps the author by making their thoughts more streamlined and succinct.

Video News Release

We professionally produce a Video News Release that can be sent out to local and National Media outlets to field potential radio and TV interviews. Your VNR can also be loaded on social networking sites and YouTube for further exposure.

Audio testimonial

As with our video testimonial we will professionally produce a audio testimonial featuring hired voice over talent who will give their personal review of your published book. Your author services representative will give you more details.

Video Testimonial

We will professionally produce a video testimonial featuring hired talent who will give a brief on camera personal review of your published book. Your author representative will give you more details.


Increase your book's marketability by publishing it in this digital form. This digital form of your book is readable on computers or other digital devices E-books are usually read on dedicated hardware devices known as e-Readers or e-book devices. Personal computers and some cell phones can also be used to read e-books.
$55.00 per hour

Ghost Writing

For those who have the dream of becoming a published author and lack the time or the discipline to meet the necessary deadlines; we offer access to professional ghost writers who will help you find your voice to tell your story.
$18.00 per page

Translation services for Spanish

Share your work with by having your book translated into Spanish for increased exposure to our Spanish speaking community.


Posters (6) are 11X17 in full color with a blank space at the bottom where you can fill in information such as date, time, and location.

Book marks

Professionally created (250) book marks themed to your book cover design and color scheme.

Business Cards

500 Business Cards - Choose from three professionally prepared template designs to enhance your representation of your book during discussions and presentations.

Custom Illustrations

We have illustrators that can hand draw the images that you've envisioned on the pages of your book.

Audio Book

The words of your book will be brought to life through the voice of a professional voice over personality.